Robert Bosch Ukraine Office

Office space: 1750 sq.m
Year: 2017
Location: Business center Silver Breeze
Project Timing: 1,5 months design, 1,5 month procurement, 2,5 months construction works

Lemon Construction Services: 

  • Project Management
  • Concept & Design Development
  • Procurement
  • Cost Management
  • Construction Management
  • Technical Supervision
  • Relocation

Project Management & Design: Lemon Construction

Construction: Magnat Design Center Office Greening: First Floral Company Multimedia Solutions: DEKOM Some words about the project philosophy. In order to experience the ideology and immerse in the company’s work processes, Bosch representatives organized a study trip for us in the heart of the corporation industry – Munich and Budapest. We got a unique opportunity to get to know leading Bosch specialists who are developing and implementing the new philosophy of IWC office spaces in all countries of the world. Now, after 7 months of fruitful collaboration with the Bosch team, we feel ourselves involved in a global philosophy of values and new approaches to creating a working environment that helps employees work productively, create, interact, create an innovative product in a comfortable and ergonomic environment. During the design of the office, we paid special attention to Openness and Collaboration, as the key values of the company. After years of working in an office system with fixed places, we had a difficult task “to break the system”. But not just ” to break”, but to give the employees of the company enough advantages and a variety of opportunities, so that work in the open space would rejoice and contribute to their productivity: – Thanks to the open in most of the planning solution, with stunning views of the capital, today, Robert Bosch employees have an opportunity to communicate more with their colleagues from different departments, to arrange inter-department communications during morning coffee in the kitchen – the heart of the office or coffee-points, in the No-Silence room or in the lounge. – The most employees in the office have not fixed places now, we used an innovative and very effective method for the work of large teams – the sharing desk, the leaders do not have offices anymore. Every morning the employees decide where they want to place today, depending on the type of task they set for themselves: you need to concentrate and work in silence – choose Silence room, hold an informal team meeting – lounge with Dnipro and Lavra view, make an official call with partners or foreign clients – choose video rooms for conferences, a meeting or a call 1: 1 – skype room, you have no one to leave the child at home – you can always bring him to the office and stay with him in the No-Silence room. – The head of the company first gives an example of work on the principle of sharing desk and every morning he intrudes into the work of this or that department, the general director does not have his fixed place in the office. It is interesting to note the fact that the rarity table of the leaders of BOSCH Ukraine in three generations moved to the new office, but on the second day the employees found a new application for it (here I propose to insert a photo) – It is important to note that in Ukraine Robert Bosch is the first company that provided an opportunity for ecological work to all its employees. Everyone in the company has an opportunity to work at motorized tables, an employee can individually adjust the height of the table to his desired type of work. In addition, there are no cupboards at the desks to support the sharing desk system, but everyone has his own locker, which is located at the entrance, you can always leave your personal things there and move “light” in the office. In addition to this, the Clean Desk Policy is in effect. After working day, everyone should completely clean the desk and move all personal items to the locker. You don’t know where you want to work tomorrow. Furthermore, meeting rooms also provide the opportunity to hold meetings of different formats: you can create standing at the high bar table and paint the whole wall from the floor to the ceiling with incredible ideas, you can lie back on the couch, and you can hold a large team meeting on the catwalk in the heart of the office near the coffee machine. But these possibilities do not exclude unconditionally and the classical format of the meeting rooms equipped with transformable tables and comfortable chairs. – Besides above-mentioned BOSH also took care of the emotional discharge of employees and physical health. In the office there is a small gym, it has everything you need for meditation, stress relief, change of activity or just for a healthy lifestyle. If you briefly describe the design of the office – it is rather concise, light, spacious, with various options for both teamwork and individual work. Absolutely the most important tasks that we managed to solve in this space are ergonomics, sound insulation, the quality of the implemented technical solutions, the implementation of environmentally friendly materials and the high-tech security systems, video monitoring, acoustic and multimedia solutions.