Office space: 750 sq.m 
Location: Business center Q, Almaty
Project Timing: 8 months

Lemon Construction Services: 

  • Project Management
  • Concept & Design Development
  • Procurement
  • Cost Management
  • Construction Management
  • Technical Supervision

Project Management & Design: Lemon Construction

Construction: Office Solutions

Multimedia Solutions: DEKOM

The aim of the project for OLX Kazakhstan was naturally to organize working space for B2B Unit and its management team. Considering that office consists of two independent parts, design was aimed to unite though giving individuality to each of them.

Star Wars film history was taken as the idea of the concept because the main auditorium of the company is young people from 21-30 years old. Star Wars concept is the redline of office design that could be seen from its coloristic (dark-grey and white are chosen as the main colors), graphic illustrations and spirit.

Block A – Dark Side of forces is intended for В2В team and decorated in dark-grey making the accents on greenery and clip arts.

This block provides two big open spaces, 5 meeting rooms for needs of group collaboration with various purposes and formats, skype room and game area.

Kitchen is the most unusual zone of B2B area.  Being located above an entrance to the underground parking of business center, it is raised up for 1 meter. Initially it was assumed not only for eating but also as a space for company collaboration activities. There is a possibility for each employee to pick up a place for his special purpose, either on one of two bar stands or at the table or occupying pillows on an amphitheater along the facade. 

Additionally, sanitary and pantry zones as well as storages and cloak-rooms are foreseen for placing the clothing, shoes and additional utensils.

Block B – Bright Side is meant as a back office for company management and partners. Basic design theme used in office is the bright side of forces from the movie mentioned above. White and light-grey colors together with black floor are used as a background with bright accents on plants and graphic illustrations.

As far as this area is quite small the use of light tints made it possible to add lightness and air to space.

Work space is divided into two zones. The workplaces for company partners are located a little bit remotely from central zone hosting company management.   

There is a spacious meeting room for 10 persons and a special zone for different kinds of collaboration, that provides space not only to work in private but also gives team a chance to gather for general meeting. A game area could also be used as a meeting or focus room for small groups.